The 2019 WWDC Conference Keynote

Everyone agrees that Apple Watch needs a killer app to make it a mainstream success. The iPad , with iPadOS, is receiving a great deal of the new features found on iOS 14, along with some additions unique to the tablet. A new feature, Home Kit Secure Video,” will be included in iOS 13. If you have security cameras, their video will be sent to your device for analysis and then will be stored in iCloud.

That's particularly evident in macOS Big Sur, which feels more like a mobile operating system than any version of macOS Apple has launched to date. After nearly 20 years, it looks like Apple is switching to standalone apps for music, television, and podcasts on computers, much like it does on mobile devices.

The watch will also remind users to charge the device in the morning, and its display will turn off at night to conserve power while users sleep. Apple also announced per-app limits and better content and privacy controls for family phones and tablets. The new feature has been designed to make it easier to access apps and remove the need to leaf through multiple pages of them on your home screen to find the one you're after.

These options work fine at home, but in a classroom environment where the Wi-Fi is not as good as it might be and there are difficulties connecting two devices, things may not be as smooth as Apple intended. Keynote for iOS costs $9.99 but comes free with new iOS devices.

According to the latest report from Bloomberg , MacBook chips will be designed by teams inside Apple and built by TSMC, which also manufactures processors for AMD and NVIDIA. Apple's WWDC 2020 Keynote was probably the Keynote in the Classroom company's weirdest announcement event ever.

Siri has 20 times more facts than a few years ago, Apple said. First up is an update to Apple Watch complications. Previously, Apple only streamed the main keynote presentation online. PowerPoint Keynote Remote is compatible with Macs and Windows PCs. IOS 13 will be available to iPhone devices (starting with the iPhone 6S, meaning that iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 users will be left behind).

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